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Stonebreaker (Stonebreaker Chronicles Book 2)

Stonebreaker (Stonebreaker Chronicles Book 2)

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Stonebreaker is the second book in the Stonebreaker Chronicles trilogy from Peter Wartman.

Anya's adventures continue in the endless, twisting streets of Noridun. With the help of her companion, Toris--the demon librarian--they search for the ultimate secret at the heart of the city.

Meanwhile, in her home village, two mysterious strangers arrive, bringing with them a plan that could transform everything. Stonebreaker is the much-anticipated sequel to Wartman's (artist on Avatar: The Last Airbender: Imbalance) acclaimed graphic novel, Over the Wall. With stunning fantasy vistas, immersive world-building, and fluid, action-packed art, Stonebreaker cements Wartman's status as a formidable break-out talent.

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