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Star Scouts: The Invasion of the Scuttlebots (Vol 3)

Star Scouts: The Invasion of the Scuttlebots (Vol 3)

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by Mike Lawrence

Avani has found the one place in the universe where she fits in: Star Scouts. The Invasion of the Scuttlebots is the third and final volume of this action-packed graphic novel series by Mike Lawrence.

In Star Scouts, oxygen breathers and methane breathers rarely get along. Avani and Pam were no different, at least at first. But these one-time rivals have become good pals. Mabel isn’t too happy about that — Avani is supposed to be her best friend!

Feeling jealous and left out, Mabel wishes aloud for the destruction of Avani and Pam’s friendship. Unfortunately, a robot minion who happened to be in earshot takes this as a direct order! Now an army of robots bent on world domination has infiltrated planet Earth. Avani needs Mabel’s help to defeat the scuttlebots — but can she ever forgive her friend for unleashing a robot invasion on her hometown?

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