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Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges

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For readers of My Dark Vanessa and Lullabies for Little Criminals, this important, electrifying novel about the agony and exhilaration of being a teenage girl will challenge you, unsettle you and ask you to look at your own experiences with perversions of power.

Katie is used to being let down. Her best friend abandoned her for a boy, her mom is a hypochondriac who spends most days on the couch, and the guys at school can do whatever they want while the girls are stuck following the rules.

All Katie wants is to be seen. So when she finds an online world where women aren't ashamed of what they want and consent doesn't feel like the grey area she's used to, she thinks she's finally in control. But as Katie becomes more and more enmeshed in this virtual playground, she begins to realize her newfound power may just be an illusion.

Sharp Edges is the story of a girl lost in a grown-up world far darker than she could have imagined—searching for someone to guide her to a place where she can be sixteen again.
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