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Science Fiction

Science Fiction

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By Joe Ollmann

What would you do if someone you trusted asked you to believe what you thought was impossible? When high school science teacher and pragmatic realist Mark is inexplicably drawn to renting a cheesy sc-fi flick, it sets in motion a chain of events that makes him rethink everything he has ever believed. After a hysterical breakdown while watching the movie, he reveals to Sue, his longtime girlfriend, that he suddenly remembers being abducted as a child... by aliens. He becomes obsessed with alien-abduction chat rooms and stops leaving the house. As Mark becomes more heavily immersed in his inner world, their relationship slowly disintegrates. All he wants is for her to believe him. But how can she believe him, when it's just science fiction after all? Joe Ollmann, winner of a Doug Wright Award, has created another page-turner of a graphic novel - a book that is not science fiction, but at the same time asks us to believe.

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