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PEEP is a brand new Brain Dead comics anthology curated by Sammy Harkham (Blood Of The Virgin) and Steven Weissman (Looking For America’s Dog).

Peep features brilliant established creators like Art Spiegelman (Maus) and Kevin Huizenga (Ganges), as well as exciting newer voices like Sophia Foster-Dimino (Sex Fantasy) and E.A. Bethea. All contributions are brand new except for a never-reprinted Harvey Kurtzman one pager and original art scans of a little seen Spain Rodgriguez comic.

Contributors include:

Alex Schubert, Disa Wallander, Lili Todd, Jeffrey Mahannah, Gabrielle Bell, Vanessa Davis, Chris Cajero Cilla, Maria Paz Gazale, Brian Chippendale, Sammy Harkham,  Art Spiegelman, Ben Katchor, Antoine Cossé, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Katie Skelly, John Hankiewicz, E.A. Bethea, Kevin Huizenga, Audrey Murty, Steven Weissman, Roman Muradov, Matthew Kam, Steven Weissman, Casey Tisdel, David Amram, Danielle Chenette, and Mats Stromberg.

48 pages
11” x 14”
Full color

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