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Outdoor School: Spot & Sticker Plants

Outdoor School: Spot & Sticker Plants

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Welcome to OUTDOOR SCHOOL: SPOT & STICKER PLANTS. Finally - a sticker book for the curious and the adventurous. The Outdoor School Sticker series from Odd Dot delivers the natural wonders of the world in gorgeous, scientifically-accurate stickers.

Peel and place each sticker on the pull-out poster once you've seen each plant - or simply decorate your surroundings to make a plant-spotter's paradise.

Peel and stick hundreds of extravagant illustrations to decorate greeting cards, letters, packages, classroom notebooks, scrapbooks, cell phone cases - anything your heart desires! For the curious-minded, each plant is identified by name.

Full of unique, hand painted portraits of plants, these stickers make the perfect gift for plant-lovers, crafters, scrapbookers, and sticker lovers.
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