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Incidents in the Night #2

Incidents in the Night #2

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by David B.

"One of 10 Best Comics and Graphic Novels of the year."—Time

"A treat for sophisticated adult story omnivores with a taste for bizarre mysteries."—Library Journal

"Incidents owes more than a bit to Jorge Luis Borges's short stories."—Douglas Wolk, The Washington Post

At the end of first Incidents in the Night, David B. met an uncertain demise in a bizarre cliffhanger. In Book 2, the worlds of Epileptic and Incidents in the Night become entangled as the author's dead brother, Jean-Christophe, joins the cast to solve the mystery and uncover the occult machinations of the mad editor, Émile Travers. Book 2 is another treat for lovers of books and literary mysteries. Once again the translation is by acclaimed novelist Brian Evenson.

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