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Hark! A Vagrant

Hark! A Vagrant

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By Kate Beaton


Hark! A Vagrant is an uproarious romp through history and literature seen through the sharp, contemporary lens of New Yorker cartoonist and comics sensation Kate Beaton. No era or tome emerges unscathed as Beaton rightly skewers the Western world's revolutionaries, leaders, sycophants, and suffragists while equally honing her wit on the hapless heroes, heroines, and villains of the best-loved fiction.
She deftly points out what really happened when Brahms fell asleep listening to Liszt, that the world's first hipsters were obviously the Incroyables and the Merveilleuses from eighteenth-century France, that Susan B. Anthony is, of course, a "Samantha," and that the polite banality of Canadian culture never gets old. Hark! A Vagrant features sexy Batman, the true stories behind classic Nancy Drew covers, and Queen Elizabeth doing the albatross. As the 500,000 unique monthly visitors to already know, no one turns the ironic absurdities of history and literature into comedic fodder as hilariously as Beaton.

Praise for Hark! A Vagrant

Beaton’s determined absurdities are, ironically enough, much-needed cerebral antidotes to the common-denominator comedy and drama now dominating mature comics and animation.


Kate Beaton [is] a Canadian history graduate who has turned her hand to drawing hilarious comic strips about history and literature [...] funny, clever, and sneakily instructive along the way.

  The Times UK

Kate Beaton makes comics about the Bröntes, Canadians, fat ponies, the X-Men, Hamlet, the American founding fathers, Raskolnikov, gay Batman, Nikola Tesla, Les Misérables, Nancy Drew, Greek myths, and hipsters throughout history. Little is spared her lively pen and waggish, incisive wit.

  The Paris Review

Beaton’s artwork is deceptively simple. Backgrounds are often very lightly sketched in, while the focus is on the main characters. And she’s adroit at creating character through expression [...] Witty, occasionally wise, sometimes surreal, at other times silly, mocking of past, present and pretense, Hark! A Vagrant is one of the most innovative and delightful collections I’ve come across.

  Globe and Mail
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