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Great Lives in Graphics: Nikola Tesla

Great Lives in Graphics: Nikola Tesla

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Great Lives in Graphics; Nikola Tesla is a graphic retelling of Nikola's story which gives children a colorful snapshot of his life and the world he grew up in, while educating them on everything from alternating current to the power of the imagination.

You may already know that Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer, but did you know that he was born during a lightning storm? Or that he had a phobia of pearls?

Great Lives in Graphics reimagines the lives of extraordinary people invivid technicolor, presenting250+ fascinating facts in anew and exciting way.It takes theessential dates andachievements of each person's life, mixes them withlesser-known facts and trivia, and usesinfographics to show them in afresh visual way that isgenuinely engaging for children andyoung adults. The result is a colorful, fascinating and often surprising representation of that person's life, work and legacy. Usingtimelines, maps, repeated motifs and many more beautiful andinformative illustrations, readers learn not just about the main subject of the book but also about thecultural background of the time they lived in.
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