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Elf Off: A Christmas Coloring Book For Exhausted Moms

Elf Off: A Christmas Coloring Book For Exhausted Moms

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Find coloring calm and humor amid the holiday chaos

When you’re questioning whether you or the tree will collapse first, open a world of mom-to-mom art and understanding with Elf Off. Grab crayons or colored pencils from your littles’ stash as you scream “Mine!” and lock yourself in the bathroom for a little peace and quiet. Or build your own blanket fort and hide away when the house is supposed to be still. You’ll be safe from the elf, and from Christmas to-do lists as you grab the blissful moments you deserve for always being the holiday hero.

- Enjoy more than 30 funny and festive illustrations and sentiments to lessen your holiday stress
- Give yourself a timeout and indulge in a little art therapy
- Share your masterpieces with your mom squad as survival strategies and self-care reminders
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