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All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape

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Optic City, the 1980s. A frightened orphan, a city on fire, and a glimmer of light spraying from the switchblade of a golden warrior emerging from a legion of scum. Time and space itself will melt around you as you ingest the superhero crossover event of the century in Season 2 of Samuel and Josh Bayer's All Time Comics universe:ZEROSIS DEATHSCAPE.

The heroes: Justice, Crime Destroyer, Bullwhip, Atlas!

The villains: DLST Killer, Rain God, Beggar, Zerosis!

And who are Red Maniac and Time Vampire Scientist? Where do their loyalties lie? Who is this strange alien on a faraway planet a trillion dimensions, light years and time zones removed from our own? What is this power cube of mysterious origin, containing power of infinite magnitude? What is Atlas's friend Toby Whey doing, exactly?

Cartoonists Josh Bayer (Theth, Suspect Device) and Josh Simmons (Black River, Flayed Corpse) team up with bronze age legend Trevor Von Eeden (co-creator of Black Lightning!). Includes contributions from Gabrielle Bell, Ken Landgraf, Julia Gfrorer, Benjamin Marra and Thomas Toye, and brain-scalding colors by Dan Lee.
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