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Three - hardcover

Three - hardcover

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Valérie Perrin

From the international bestselling author of Fresh Water for Flowers, a beautifully told and suspenseful story about the ties that bind us and the choices that make us who we are.

1986: Adrien, Étienne and Nina are ten years old when they meet at school. They quickly become inseparable, promising each other they will leave their provincial backwater one day, move to Paris, and never part.

2017: A car is dredged up from the bottom of the lake, a body inside. Virginie, a local journalist with an enigmatic past, follows the case while also reflecting on the relationship between the three former friends, who no longer speak to each other. As Virginie reveals more about herself and about the three friends, she also moves closer to the surprising truth.  

Relationships fray, others are formed, trends in music, fashion, social norms, and language come and go, some families buckle under the weight of change Valérie Perrin has an unerring gift for delving into life. In Three, she brings readers along with her through a sequence of heart-wrenching events and revelations that span three decades. Three tells a moving story of love and loss, hope and grief, friendship and adversity, and of time as an ineluctable agent of change.


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