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The History of Everything in 32 Pages

The History of Everything in 32 Pages

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In the beginning, about 13.8 billion years ago, the Universe started with a bang. Travel through time and space to learn how the world has evolved from the Big Bang onwards!

From the creation of the stars, through the evolution of plants and animals, the dawn of the dinosaurs, and on towards the first humans, early civilizations, empires and technology, this incredible book will take you through the history of, well, everything!

The History of Everything in 32 Pages is a visual guide to everything" - from the formation of the solar system, right up to the modern day.

Fourteen exciting double-page spreads draw you into aworld of discovery. Each fascinating scene depicts a key development in life on earth, withcolorful and engaging illustrations and packed with interesting facts and figures.

The History of Everything in 32 Pages takes you through the ages in a compact and concise way, covering a huge-ranging subject in just one book! Afun and accessible guide to thehistory of the universe, this book is suitable forchildren aged 7 and above.
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