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The LOUD nightclub. A latecomer stripper, a pissed waitress, a hitmen couple, a suspension bondage performer, a pregnant teenager, a clan of vampires, a pedophile, a lesbian junkie, a divorcing middle-aged woman, a sadistic dominatrix, and many other souls in search of love, drugs, and blood converge at the hottest club in town on a night that none will ever forget. If they survive.

LOUD is like THE HUNGER if directed by Tarantino -- a stylish, tripped-out bloodbath of beautiful and vicious decadence.

You’ll feel the beat throbbing in your skull, smell the sweat, taste the blood, and lose yourself in the wicked underworld masterfully wrought by MARIA LLOVET.

The smash hit that instantly sold out of both its hardcover and softcover printings, now back in print.

"Emotional, chaotic, propulsive, LOUD is a beauty; a book not to be read, but to be felt." -Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman)

"Maria Llovet is one of my favorite emerging cartoonists, and her new book LOUD is exactly as it sounds--brash, colorful, sexy, and just a little sleazy--highly recommended!" -Paul Pope (Battling Boy, Batman Year 100)
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