Julie Morstad's NEW BOOK Is Here!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Julie Morstad’s Brand NEW book has arrived! ‘how to’ is such a beautiful book. A little magical journey that will result in you finding out ‘how to’ make a sandwich, ‘how to’ be faraway and ‘how to’ make friends …most of us because we’ve grown older have forgotten just ‘how to’ do all these things… how to be happy… But the kids you will read this to won’t have forgotten because to them this book will ring true, and just be tons of fun to look at because it’s a book about them made by someone who gets them. Julie Morstad remembers what it’s like to be like a child and I’m so happy she does because it is this quality that transformes her beautiful illustrations into more than just illustrations.

Not all that long ago you knew how to do all these things, but somwhere along the way something happened to us adults and we forgot. … this book will be sure to remind you ‘how to’ be You.

— Lisa

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