Wednesday, March 28, 2012

D.I.Y. MAGIC by Anthony Alvarado
40 b&w illustrations, cover design by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy
First edition letterpress silver foil cover limited to 1000 copies, 176 pages, 5″ x 8″,

Lucky’s just received an interesting literary spectacle in the form of a small book of ‘new wave’ magic.
Scattered throughout the many chapters are illuminating illustrations and artworks from a handfull of talented underground and established comic book artists.
Luke Ramsey, Jason McClean, Faryl Dalrymple, Ines Estrada and Ron Rege Jr. and just a few of the talents featured within the text.

From what i get from the book,Alvarado speaks of magic in a form thats really just practical living,poetry for life in the guise of supernatural spells.
As strange as this book seems on the outside,its also accessible to casual readers as well as hardcore fans of the occult.
Another one of a kind publication from our American friends Floating World Comics in Portland Oregon.
-Ben Jacques, vancouver artist and amateur dark mage.

heres a couple more write ups..
“Few books are as immediately useful as this delightful, inspirational tips ‘n’ tricks tome. I’m having a backyard betel nut party in five minutes and everyone’s invited!” -Jay Babcock, editor of Arthur Magazine

“Anthony Alvarado has concocted a cookbook for vivid living: poetry that’s lived rather than written.His “spells” are actually practical suggestions by which the reader may coax the extraordinary from the everyday—and from themselves.” – Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy, author of The Affected Provincial’s Companion

— Lucky's

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