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Friday, December 12, 2014


          It’s a Shop in Shop!

to celebrate the craftsty side of the friends of
      Antisocial. Opens ,Friday December 12th  7pm then moves into the gallery until December 24th
We shall also be celebrating the holiday season that e
vening, so bring your dancing shoes.


 Kassy*Old Fashioned Standards , Brendan*Explorers Press Dave*Clubgear , Ryan*Brickpress , Kelin*Lanterne Greg*Something Great , Andrea*Zines , Maggie*Maggie Boyd   Ceramics , Wendy*Books , Pat*what’ll it be ,
Penny&Chloe*Backpacks , Will*Bicycle racks , Calen*Prints
 Claire*Something Good to eat , Toby*Printed things ,       Andrew*Drawings
, Sydney*Hanging things , Lauren*Needlepoint , Jado*Franklin soap , The Brothers*There things made of leather ,Andy*Folk Skateboards , Logan,Jermey,Dylan*Drawings and things , Alana*Photos

Walk outside to Main & Broadway to visit our buds at Antisocial for the Craft Fair thingy…. there will be copies of Dunk Newsletter there :)

first crack at the new ish


— Will

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